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Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: Our standard production time is 10 business days plus shipping.

Q: Can I receive an order quicker than the standard production time?

A: We have the ability to produce orders more quickly than our standard production time, however there could be an additional rush charge on the order as well as possible expedited shipping.

Q: How much is the rush charge?

A: The rush charge is 10% of the Order Cost with a minimum of $25.00 and a Maximum of $250.00

Q: What is a Template Charge?

A Template Charge is a $60.00 one time fee that allows us to set up your custom logo to be engraved or etched on all of your item selections.

Q: Can I email my order details?

A: Yes, we would prefer to receive engraving instructions via email to ensure engraving/etching accuracy. We do also  take orders via fax and over the phone.

Q: What is 2 Sided Etching?

A: 2 Sided Etching is when we etch on two panels of our crystal and glass items where applicable. There is an additional $8.00 charge per piece for the second panel.

Q: Is what is shown in the catalog all you have?

A: We have the ability to source many more items than what is shown in the catalog. We also have the ability to create custom pieces; please feel free to ask if you have a need for an item that is not shown in the catalog.

Q: Is the order confirmation the same as the invoice?

A: No. The order confirmation is sent before our production process begins. This shows your item and engraving cost and gives you a chance to review the text that is going to be engraved/etched on your items. A final invoice will be sent once the order has been shipped to you. The final invoice will include shipping costs.

Q: Is there a charge to send a sample?

A: Yes however, once the sample is returned to us in the same packaging and in saleable condition we will issue a credit for that sample. You would just have to pay the shipping charges.

We Are Proud to be Renowned For:

Wide variety of inventory to meet any budget


In-house state of the art engraving & etching facility

Rush services available on qualified orders

Direct contact with our customer service specialists

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